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Juliana Hatfield Tour Dates

24 Apr. 1998 Merrimack College North Andover, Massachusetts USA

That is all for now. We need Juliana to get her album out and get back on the road.

Juliana Hatfield News!!!!!!

This is from CMJ New Music Report: Rounder records' new Zoe imprint will release the fourth solo album, BED, from rock darling Juliana Hatfield on August 25. Hatfield, a successful solo artist and former member of the Blake Babies, ended her contract with Atlantic and Mammoth Records about two years ago, leaving behind a body of unreleased material tentatively titled God's Foot. In 1997, she released a one-off EP, Please Do Not Disturb, on Bar/None. While looking for a new label, Hatfield wrote and recorded the 10 songs found on Bed in a few weeks during March 1998. Her deal with Rounder came when Rounder president John Virant approached Gary Smith, Hatfield's manager and owner of Fort Apache Studios (Rounder and Fort Apache are long-time neighbors in Cambridge, MA). Hatfield's deal with Rounder covers only this album. "I am hopeful that if things go well, that we'll continue working together," Virant says. "It's a bit of a different direction, I suppose, but given we've done so many things, it sort of makes sense." Hatfield produced BED in addition to contributing keyboards, all guitar parts and vocals; longtime drummer Todd Phillips joins her once again along with bassist Mikey Welsh. Jon Williams, who recorded the album at Providence, Rhode Island's new Sound Station Seven, noted that Hatfield decided not to use effects, reverb, delay or any kind of digital processing during the BED sessions. "However hard it was to make a completely dry record, I think it accounts -- at least in part -- for how honest the songs sound," Williams said. Virant says the Hatfield album will be the perfect way to kick off the rock-oriented imprint. "We do so many different genres of music that anything really fits, but we felt it would be good to have a new imprint to signify this kind of relationship," he says.

Here are some news about Juliana's new label: Mercury Records has entered into a U.S. distribution agreement with the respected roots label Rounder Records. Mercury will distribute 1,000 Rounder catalog selections and introduce to market the first new Rounder releases under the agreement beginning Aug. 6. Rounder's lineup to launch the deal includes its newest signing, Juliana Hatfield, Roomful of Blues and country newcomer Heather Myles.

The Australian label "Half a Cow" is releasing a girlie compilation in August. It will features Mz. Hatfield, under the assumed name of Kelly Philips, doing a cover of a song by spfdgh (the band spfdgh is pronounced spud-a-fud-a-guh). The label "Half a Cow" is run by Nic Dalton, most famous for being an ex-lemonhead. The label is based in Sydney, Australia...don't know if they still have a distribution deal in the states, so it may have to be ordered through mailorder. The other artists on it, are mainly Australian girls. Thanks to Melissa

Juliana's fourth solo album, Bed, is set for an Aug. 25 release via her new contract with Rounder Records. Hatfield produced the album herself. The album will feature 10 new songs, including "Down On Me," "Let's Blow It All," and "Live It Up." The disc will go through a new distribution deal with Mercury via its PGD distribution system.

Juliana and Evan Dando recorded a cover of $1000 wedding for an upcoming Gram Parasons Tribute album.

Here is an e-mail from Patrick (A juliana fan) who asked Gary Smith a few questions. Here's what he had to say: Q: Has Juliana found a new bass player yet? A: I don't think she's looking for one yet.

Q: Has she signed with Rounder/Mercury? A: No, she has not yet signed a contract.

Q: Will the album be out on august 11 in canada too? A: I presume the record will be released in both countries on the same day. It may not be august 11. It may be later in august.

Q: Any tours planned for this summer? A: No summer tours are planned.

Q: Any song titles from "Bed" you can give away? A: "Live it up" is one song. It has a killer guitar riff.

Q: Any title for her first single (if already chosen)? A: We're not dealing with singles like we usually do.

Q: Who produced the album? A: Juliana Hatfield

Gary: I hope this helps quench your thirst for nowledge.

Dando Records With Hatfield. Lemonheads Retrospective Gets US Release Though Atlantic Records was considering making the forthcoming Lemonheads career retrospective (the Atlantic-funded portion of their career to be exact) a UK-only release, they've since decided to bless us Americans with the collection, and head Lemon Evan Dando is currently in the studio remastering the tracks for disc, now officially called The Lemonheads -- Best Of: The Atlantic Years. The US release of the album, however, will feature fewer cuts than its privileged overseas counterpart. Best Of: The Atlantic Years has been slated for a July 7 release. Since being dropped by Atlantic a few months ago, Dando has been hard at work on songs he'll soon begin shopping around for a deal. Most recently, the occasionally mentally troubled transplant Arizonan hooked up with his old pal and one-time flame, Juliana Hatfield, to write a few new songs. In addition to playing bass and adding harmonies to It's A Shame, Hatfield is widely thought to be the subject of "It's About Time," as in, "It's about time we get busy, woman." It's not known if the collaborations will wind up on (the equally label-less) Hatfield's or Dando's next album, but there is some speculation that at least one of the cuts might squeak its way onto the Best Of disc.

Juliana just finished recording her new album in early March, and it will probably be released in 6 months. She's going to find a new bass player because Mikey is joining Weezer. The new album is called "Bed" and is ten brand new songs and none have been played in public. There is no label or release date yet.

Here's an e-mail from Gary Smith (Juliana's former producer) talking about whether it is true that God's Foot has been abandoned. "Abandoned might be a strong word. actually, god's foot is still being held prisoner in an atlantic records dungeon. But the good news is that, yes indeed, a new record has been made and will be out before long. The new record consisting of entirely new material, is called "bed"."

Here are some statistics about Juliana's albums and EPs sellings: Hey Babe: 80,000 copies Become What You Are: 250,000 copies Only Everything: 135,000 Please Do Not Disturb: has been in the top 5 of the CMJ alternative albums chart for over a month. "Reality Bites" soundtrack: Double Platinum

Here is Juliana's ranking of the top 10 albums of 1997: 1. Verbena - Souls For Sale 2. Third Eye Blind 3. Mysteries of Life - Focus on the Background EP 4. L'il Kim - Hardcore 5. Missy Elliot - Supa Dupafly 6. Led Zeppelin - BBC Sessions 7. Teenage Fanclub - Songs From Northern Britain 8. Weezer - Pinkerton 9. Smog - Red Apple Falls 10. Lemonheads - Car Button Cloth

Juliana was just cast for a part in an independant movie called "The Suitcase". Apparently she shot for one day in San Francisco the day of her recent show there.

Juliana can be seen in Rolling Stone (774, November 27, page 82). She's in a part in the Technology section about "what the stars you listen to listen to on the road" It shows her laying an grass listening to a walkman.

Here are some details about the Please Do Not Disturb - EP: It lasts 22 minutes and 27 seconds. It comes with a single page as the booklet. The tray card (the back of the jewel box) has all of the pertinent info (songs, recording info., etc.) as well as the only real picture of Juliana's face.

Here are what the songs on "Please Do Not Disturb" mean to Juliana: Sellout: This is not a true story. It's more like a warning, what can happen if you stray too far from yourself. Trying Not To Think About It This was written after a friend drowned. I was trying to express the pain of his passing, it's nagging horribleness during every waking hour.

As If Your Life Depended On It: This was inspired by a conversation with a guy in a band on tour who said he missed his wife and kid and couldn't wait to get back home. I was in my own town and couldn't wait to go on tour because I have none of these things to keep me rooted. Give Me Some of That This is a song of pure envy and longing and frustration. Not attractive but real.

Get Off: I think this was originally directed at a journalist but it became something about clingy types projecting their needs onto unwilling participants in the game of love.

The Edge of Nowhere: Formulated while watching a sunset on Cape Cod. Relating the sun setting over the water to a depression/contemplating the end of it all.

Juliana appears on a soundtrack called "Fathers and Sons". It's a movie from 1992 with Jeff Goldblum and Rory Cochrane. The name of her song is Yeh! Yeh.

Juliana Hatfield will take a part in a Big Star tribute album. The tentative release date is in September. According to some rumors Juliana had recorded a song called 'Don't Lie to Me'.

The new College Music Journal (CMJ) rank "hey babe" as #38 of the 500 albums of all times.

There is a chapter about Juliana in the book "This is the sound" by Randi Reisfeld. It also tells about Smashing Pumpkins, Green Day, Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, the Cranberries, Hole, Live and Belly. It doesn't really tell anything new about Juliana, but it has some pretty good pictures.

Juliana is included in a computer program called "Billboard Music Guide." It tells a couple of peoples opinion about some of her c.d.'s. It also has a cool picture of her.

Juliana Hatfield appeared on an episode of The Adventures Of Pete and Pete . The episode was called "Don't tread on Pete" and she played a caferteria worker.

Juliana is included in a tribute to Jack Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness. The CD is released by Rykodisc. It is described as a spoken-word tribute with music. Besides Juliana, Eddi Vedder, Morphine, Lydia Lynch, Michael Stipe, Steven Tyler, John Cale, Joe Strummer, Patti Smith and Thurston Moore and lots more appear on the cd.