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Links I like...If you care

A different Juliana Hatfield site.: A very good Juliana site.
Fab Faye's Goo Goo Doll site: A great site for my other favorite musical group.
Joan Jett site: Joan is the queen of rock. Long live the queen.
Journey tribute page: This is the band that got me into rock and roll
AOR hard rock spot: This has good information on the old 70's and 80's bands.

Billborad Magazine home page: Gives good recent music updates and album release dates.
Classic Rock: A good page for classic rock.
Music news of the world: Good source for up to date information of modern music.
Ticketmaster: A place to check and see if your favorite band is playing.

Links to my pages

Back to my main page: The main Juliana worship page
What's happening with Juliana: Up to date news and tour information on Juliana
Juliana personal page: Stuff any fan should know about Juliana
A page of Juliana pictures: Pictures of Juliana
Another page of Juliana pictures: More pictures of Juliana
Even another page of Juliana pictures: Even more pictures of Juliana
Dickhead of the Month: Dickhead of the Month